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Second-year students enrolled in some Prosser programs will participate in a 15-hour business externship. This externship experience is designed to provide a platform for each student to develop and hone the skills and knowledge being learned at Prosser in a real world situation. During the externship, students will report directly to the assigned worksite during their regularly scheduled Prosser class time. Students can expect opportunity to not only observe and explore, but also to participate in actual hands-on work related to their Prosser training program.

The 15-hour externship program will be implemented the first semester of the second year of training. All externship experiences are unpaid. While students will be provided actual hands-on work related to their Prosser training program, the externship is not focused upon employee productivity, but rather the learning experience for the extern. Students will be required to complete several pre and post externship classroom activities and assignments to strengthen the experience.

Externship Signature Page
Externship To Employers
Externship Daily Narrative
Externship Interview Sheet
Externship Student Reflection
Externship Exit Review
Externship Thank You