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Health Science

Advisory Committee   |   Health Science I Standards   |   Health Science II Standards




Health Science students study the skills common to specific health-career topics and study medical terminology, basic anatomy/physiology, disease processes, infection control, and components for wellness and healthy lifestyle. Students learn and demonstrate technical skills in Prosser’s mock clinical laboratories. In addition, students study the role of the health-care worker, effective communication skills, and the legal and ethical standards within the health-care industry. Second-year students focus on career specialists and are placed in an actual clinical setting where they are prepared for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Central Service Technician (CST) certification. Students participate in a variety of other experiences such as nursing, lab testing, obstetrics, imaging, physical therapy, surgery, medical offices or extended care.


Career Opportunities

Medical Assistant
X-Ray Technician
Central Service Technician







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