Ensuring College & Career Readiness

Academic Integration

What is Academic Integration?

In addition to completing curriculum that addresses state and industry standards, students receive language arts and math instruction integrated within program specific curriculum. A full-time language arts teacher and a full-time math teacher collaboratively teach with each program’s instructor. In addition, these two teachers instruct preparation lessons for students who did not pass the state required End of Course Assessment (ECA) in language arts and/or math.

The academic integration program also assists teachers in providing resources for follow-up activities in the technical classroom, providing resume and scholarship essay workshops, ACT and SAT preparation, as well as individual tutoring for students.

Technical Centers That Work has identified a set of Key Practices that impact student achievement through development of multiple programs of study that prepare students for postsecondary studies and careers. These Key Practices provide direction and meaning to comprehensive school improvement: Academic Studies is one of the key practices in the TCTW initiative for student achievement. To read more about these key practices, click on the link Technical Centers that Work Key Practices.