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Aviation Careers

Description: Aviation students will receive a broad-based introduction to the field of aviation.  Course activities include: familiarization with aviation technology; a historic overview of the field of aviation; exploration of the current aviation environment and careers and employment opportunities in the field. Topics are focused on aircraft manufacturing, airline operations, general aviation, air-freight, airport management, and government service. Second year students will experience actual flight time arranged so that a full schedule at their homeschool is possible.

1st Year Courses:2nd Year Courses:
7214 Principles of Aviation Management (PRIN AVI MAN) 7218 Aviation Management Capstone  (AVI MGMT CAP)
7217 Private Pilot Theory (PVT PLT THRY)
7207 Aviation Safety and Operations (AVI SAF OPS)
Offered 1st year – AM or PM Session (3 Credits per Semester)1 Semester Course – S1 – Fall or S2 – Spring (choice of the student)

Dual Credits: Vincennes University (95)

First Year Credits – AMNT 100(2), AFT 210(3), AFT 291(3), AFLT 100(4), AFLT 285(3), AFLT 258(3) = 18 Potential Dual Credits

Second Year Credits – AFT 102 = 1 Potential Dual Credit

Certifications: Part 107 – Commercial Drone Operator

More Career Information: 

Airfield Operations Specialists: Click Here

Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers: Click Here

Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians: Click Here

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors: Click Here

Air Traffic Controllers: Click Here

Flight Attendants: Click Here

Career Opportunities

Pilot, Air-Traffic Controller, Aircraft Dispatcher, Grounds Crew 

Instructor – Elijah Green – egreen@nafcs.org