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Construction Trades – HVAC

Description: HVAC students learn all aspects of the fundamentals of residential and commercial HVAC. The curriculum will focus on the skills and knowledge required for troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining heating and air-conditioning units.  Additional topics include tool and meter use, temperature measurement, heat flow, the combustion process, and pipe installation practices.

1st Year Courses:2nd Year Courses:
7131 Principles of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) (PRN HVAC)7244 HVAC Capstone (HVAC CAP)
7125 HVAC Fundamentals (HVAC FUN)
7126 HVAC Service (HVAC SER)
Credit Hours -3 Credits per Semester

Dual Credits: Ivy Tech Sellersburg & Noblesville (44)

First Year Credits – HVAC 100, HVAC 101, HVAC 103, HVAC 202, HVAC 211, BCTI 130 = 18 Potential Dual Credits

Second Year Credits – HVAC 107, HVAC 208 = 6 Potential Dual Credits

Certifications: HVAC Excellence

More Career Information:

HVAC Mechanics and Installers: Click Here

First Line Supervisors: Click Here

Construction Managers: Click Here

Career Opportunities:

Residential/Commercial Technician, Technical Service & Pipefitter

Instructor – Mark Doyle