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Description: Cosmetology students learn a curriculum related to bacteriology, anatomy, hygiene, and sanitation, as well as, small business (salon) management, record keeping, and customer relations. Students’ practical experiences will be conducted in a lab setting as well as in the Prosser School of Cosmetology full-service salon.  Cosmetology students accumulate the required 1500 clinical hours over the two-year period to be eligible to test for the Indiana Cosmetology License. 

1st Year Courses:2nd Year Courses:
7330 Principles of Cosmetology (PRIN COSMO)7334 Cosmetology Capstone (COSMO CAP)
7331 Cosmetology Fundamentals ( COSMO FUND)
7332 Advanced Cosmetology (ADV COSMO)
Credit Hours – 3 Credits per Semester

Dual Credits: Vincennes University (95)

First Year Credits – COSM 100, COSM 150 = 14 Potential Dual Credits

Second Year Credits – COSM 200, COSM 250 = 14 Potential Dual Credits

Certifications: Indiana State Board of Cosmetology License

More Career Information:

Hairdressers, Hairstylists and Cosmetologists: Click Here

Barbers: Click Here

Manicurists and Pedicurists: Click Here

Shampooers: Click Here

Career Opportunities:

Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, Make-up Artist

Instructors –

Christy Cates – ccates@nafcs.org

Trudy Grimes – tgrimes@nafcs.org

Jennifer Hottel – jhottel@nafcs.org