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Criminal Justice

Description: Criminal Justice students will study the basic fundamentals of law enforcement and the criminal justice system as well as explore the many other career opportunities in Criminal Justice to include, but not limited to: Social Work, Paralegal, and Corrections. The Criminal Justice curriculum is based on the standards and content provided by official law enforcement academies. Students will learn criminal law, traffic control, and how to conduct effective criminal investigations. Students will also learn personal safety and defense tactics.

1st Year Courses:2nd Year Courses:
7193 Principles of Criminal Justice (PRIN CR JUST)7231 Criminal Justice Capstone (CRIM JUST CAP) 
7191 Law Enforcement Fundamentals (LAW ENF FUND)
7188 Corrections and Cultural Awareness (CRT CORR)
Credit Hours – 3 Credits per Semester


Dual Credits: Vincennes University Early College (95)

First Year Credits – LAWE 100, LAWE101, LAWE 150 = 9 Potential Dual Credits

Second Year Credits –

Certifications: N/A

More Career Information:

Police Patrol Officers: Click Here

Police Detectives: Click Here

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs: Click Here

Paralegals and Legal Assistants: Click Here

Correctional Officers and Jailers: Click Here

Career Opportunities:

Police Officer, Probation Officer, Conservation Officer

Instructors –

Jeff Ehringer – jehringer@nafcs.org

Don York dyork@nafcs.org