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Welding Technology

Description: Welding Technology students learn to fabricate and weld metal, using shielded metal arc, oxy-fuel, MIG, TIG, and plasma arc techniques and procedures.  In addition, students study the properties of metals, safety, blueprint reading, electrical principles, welding symbols, and mechanical drawings.  The principles of metallurgy, gases, and material science are integral to this course. This program includes classroom and lab experiences that lead students to AWS Certifications. 

1st Year Courses:2nd Year Courses:
7110 Principles of Welding Technology (PRIN WEL TCH)2022 – 5778 Welding II
7111 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SHLD MAW)2023 – 7226 Welding Technology Capstone (WELD TECH CAP)
7101 Gas Welding Processes (GAS WEL PRC)
Credit Hours – 3 Credits per Semester

Dual Credits: Ivy Tech Sellersburg (44) CT

First Year Credits – WELD 100, WELD 108, WELD 206, WELD 207, WELD 272 = 15 Dual Credits

Second Year Credits – WELD 207, WELD 208, WELD 272, WELD 273 = 12 Dual Credits

Certifications: AWS Certifications

Career Opportunities:

 Pipe Fitter, Iron Worker, Steel Fabricator

Instructors –

Jerry Walton – jwalton@nafcs.org

Perry Warren – pwwarren@nafcs.org