Ensuring College & Career Readiness

Strategic Marketing I & II

Strategic Marketing I

Entrepreneurship students will study a curriculum that focuses on the roles and responsibilities of managers as well as opportunities and challenges of ethically managing a business in the free enterprise system. A special focus will be placed upon the entrepreneurship skills and tools critical for starting and succeeding in a new business venture. Topics of government and legal restrictions, franchising, sales and revenue forecasting, business accounting, start-up funding, and business plan development will also be covered. 

(DOE 5966 & 5918)

Career Opportunities

Accountant, Sales Representative, Business Manager/owner

Strategic Marketing II

This specialized business course will provide students an opportunity to learn and apply business theories and concepts in an actual workplace environment.  Students will be employed in a lengthy internship.

(DOE 5974 & 5918)

Career Opportunities

Sales Representative, Business Manager, Business owner, Human Resources

Instructor – Matthew Hyde