Ensuring College & Career Readiness

Industrial Tech Maintenance/Electricity I & II

Electricity students learn basic electrical theory, residential, commercial, and industrial wiring.  An in-depth study of the National Electrical Code is a primary focus as students wire the residential homes in Builders’ Ridge, Prosser’s subdivision.  Industrial automation, including robotics, programmable logic controllers, and mechatronics provides students with high-demand training for industrial maintenance, installation, and repair work.  Included in the second year of study are motors, rotating machines, and electrical motor controls, and basic aspects of green energy, including photovoltaic (solar) and wind turbines.

(DOE 5686/5688)

Career Opportunities

Electrician, Mechatronic Tech and Electrical Engineer

Instructors –

Michael Bauerla – mailto: mbauerla@nafcs.org

Josey Earl – jearl@nafcs.org