Ensuring College & Career Readiness

Electrical I & II

Description: Students in this program learn Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Electrical installation, and can complete years 1 and 2 of the Electrical Apprenticeship curriculum. Study of Electrical Theory, the National Electrical Code, along with Branch Circuit Wiring and Switch Control are a primary focus. Motors, Control Systems, Conduit Bending, and service entrance installation are also included. All students participate in Job Shadowing, Micro-Internships, and in the 2nd Semester of their Senior year work paid Internships. Over 20 College Credits, various certifications, and on the job training yield a high level of learning for these students and advanced placement in postsecondary apprenticeships, and gainful employment are to be anticipated. Students who choose the Prosser Adult Electrical Apprenticeship can enter the program after high school at the 3rd Year Level. This program, sponsored by the Associated Builders & Contractors, has yielded a large number of licensed Journeyman Electricians – including Prosser Graduates. Some by the age of 21 years old. Additionally an Associates Degree with Vincennes University can be achieved through this same program. All on our campus.

Junior Year: 7130 Principles of Construction Trades 

7124 Electrical Fundamentals 

 7119 Advanced Electrical

Senior Year: 2022 – 5688 Industrial Technical Maintenance II 

2023 – 7263 Construction Trades Electrical Cap

Dual Credits: Ivy Tech 

Certifications: NCCER Electrical 1

Career Opportunities

Electrician, Mechatronic Tech and Electrical Engineer

Instructors –

Michael Bauerla – mailto: mbauerla@nafcs.org

Josey Earl – jearl@nafcs.org