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Suspension of Prosser Student Internships

To:        Prosser Students, Parents, and Business Partners 
From:  Alan Taylor, Director of Career & Technical Education 
Date:    March 19, 2020 
Re:        Suspension of Prosser student internships   

Prosser has suspended all student internship experiences. Students can continue to work at the internship site if supported by both the student parent/guardian and employer. Prosser will not provide any credit or acknowledgement of the work for students choosing to remain employed. Furthermore, Prosser will not hold any student accountable in any manner for choosing to vacate the internship experience.  

It is an expectation that students choosing to vacate the internship will demonstrate professional courtesy by notifying their immediate workplace supervisor. In addition, these students should also communicate this decision with their Prosser instructor. 

Students remaining employed do not need to communicate their decision with Prosser instructors. 

Again, the decision to remain employed is a decision that is to be made by the parent/guardian and employer. 

Please feel free to contact me or Principal, Nancy Campbell with any questions. We will remain accessible by email, phone, and Prosser social media.

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