August 1st, 2017

Second-year students enrolled in some Prosser programs will participate in a business internship. The internship program is a work based learning experience that students complete as a capstone training experience directly related to their Prosser curriculum/program. The internship experience is designed to provide a platform for each student to apply the technical skills and knowledge learned at Prosser in a real world situation. Students can expect an opportunity to participate in hands-on work directly related to their Prosser training program. During the internship, students will report directly to the assigned worksite during their regularly scheduled Prosser class time.

The internship program will be implemented the second semester of the second year of training. Internship experiences may be paid or unpaid. Depending on the Prosser program, the internship experience will not exceed three days a week for 18 weeks or five days a week for nine weeks. Students will be required to complete daily, weekly, and monthly internship classroom activities and assignments to broaden the experience

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Internship Signature Page

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